17 Jun

The logo is a concise and efficient way of communication for the company with its customers. The logo design company is at the peak currently and inventing something new every day that shows how booming the industry it is. However, over the years, it has been following some of the myths about business logos due to that industry has seen many ups and downs. Interestingly, these myths are not blindly followed by the designer, but it becomes the rule of the logo design. There are numerous opinions about what makes an excellent logo, but none of them are strong and solid enough to make a difference.

  • The logo must reflect the working of the company:

    Most of the designers and freelancers accord that the logo must be a reflection of which area the company is working. However, it’s completely rumors or myths. It is never even possible. For instance, car manufacturing companies can’t necessarily have a car in their custom business logo design the same way Starbucks doesn't have a coffee mug in their custom logo design. The primary purpose of the logo is to provide the unique identity of your company or brand and differentiate it from others.
  • Symbols are necessary for logo:

    This is not the rule of thumb that you have to follow every time while creating a professional logo design. A well-known brand doesn’t carry any symbol, what they have is just a well-crafted font. The logo that contains a symbol becomes ubiquitous and shows that you are not following the modern style. Sometimes symbols completely spoil the creativity of the logo and design that has been created by the designer. But it doesn’t mean that your logo should not contain symbols sometimes if required, you can add it. While creating a perfect symbol we should follow latest trends, must check mistakes beginners should avoid while designing a logo for business.
  • The logo must be timeless:

    Every client demands that their logo should be timeless. It is evident that practically it’s not possible. Every company has to change their custom business logo design periodically as the market grows and trends change. Custom logo designs are not ageless, and you have to keep updating something in that like font style, color, design, and so on. All the multinational companies frequently change their professional logo design, so it’s definitely required to modify the logo design.
  • More your efforts, better your logo:

    Simplicity must be the primary goal of any custom business logo design. Human efforts are required, but they must be minimal. For example, the logo of Nike has only just similar to the “Swoosh” sign, just a simple logo. Freelancers may invest thousands of dollars for the custom logo design, so it must be unique. However, a good job is not measured solely by the amount of time spent on it. The logo which does not provide a corporate style is completely useless.
  • The logo must be like by all:

    One of the most misconceptions is that whatever you have designed, must be liked by others. However, it’s completely wrong. Custom business logo design is the identity of the company, even if others dislike it. The logo must be able to communicate with a targeted audience, and then you don’t need to care about anything else. For example, the London Olympics is arguably one of the ugliest logos in history, but everyone associates it with its top sports event.
  • The logo must be relevant to industry trends:

    Professional logo design is all about art and creativity, and you don’t require to follow any industry key trend of logo design. When the company takes any help from the logo design company, then they will describe the requirement according to the industry trend, which is not at all mandatory. All the construction companies demand for a logo that contains buildings accompanied by greenery and trees. After all, creativity and innovation happen when you choose to rebel against rules and regulations.
  • The logo is least important in marketing:

    The primary reason behind the custom logo design is to use it in marketing. The company is investing money in custom business logo design to distinguish their brand from others. It’s a human tendency that people identify the brand name from the logo itself and remember it from the only logo. In social media, also logos play a vital role to showcase the brand and its value.


Although the importance of logo design is irreplaceable, still this industry is flooded with a lot of myths. Breaking this and many other myths are essential to growing the graphic design industry and companies working in the same way as the people blindly follow it. To make your logo clear, efficient, simple, you have to ignore all of the myths mentioned above.