22 Oct

It is said that the best branding and advertising strategy helps you in recovering all your investment within the short span of time. There are various marketing advertising methods such as Social Media Design, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Banner Advertising, Signage Advertising, etc. These methods will help in gaining a lot of new customers to the business. Nowadays, startups are also working to be the industry leader in various sectors. Same like leading business organization, they are also trying all the methods of marketing and promotion which helps their business to quick-start their business within no time.

Since past decade, one more method of marketing and promotion is trending is Logo Design Branding. Logo Design Branding can be defined as using your company's Wordmark Design in your branding strategy to reach to the millions of people within no time. As far as brand identity concern, Custom Logo of any company can be referred as a symbol which helps them in brand recognition. For any business organization, Graphic Design is as important as assets to the company. Before you launch your business or any of your products or services, the first thing that your customers will encounter is your company's Wordmark Logo Design. 

It is ok if you use classy symbols and icons in your logo. Going creative with your design will make your logo unique and fresh. In the world where everyone is using that kind of designs in their logos, you can try Text Logo Design for your business. Famous Companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon have used Text Logo Design for their respective business organization. Attempting text Logo Design for your company will make your Graphic Design look cool, trendy and unique. Below are some of the examples of famous Text Logo Design which will work correctly for your business.

Best Examples of Text Logo Design Which Are Perfect For Your Niche Business.

  1. Amazon Logo Design:

    There is no doubt in the fact that Amazon is one of the best eCommerce websites in the world. Started by selling books, now they are selling almost everything that exists in this world. The company's Graphic Design is also one of the impressing element of their business. In their design, they have used their company's name as the primary element in the design. The Text in the design is black in colors which helps them showcase their strength, sophistication, and formality. One more exciting thing about their logo is, same as Nike; Amazon has also used swoosh in their design. And the main reason behind using swoosh in the design is, the arrow in the design is starting from 'A' and ends to 'Z' which indicates they are selling A-Z products that exist in this world.

  2. Coca-Cola Logo:

    One can't just deny the fact that Coca-Cola is one of the leading soft drink selling company in the world. Acquiring various other soft drink brands, it has successfully got the tag of best beverages selling company. Apart from selling the best quality soft drinks, the Custom Logo is also one of the impressing things of the organization. They have used dark red color in their design which helps them catching millions of eyes of the customers with just snap of the fingers. The red color in the design indicates their passion, desire, and strength to deal with all the competitors. In their design, the 'O' in the word Cola shows the Danish flag.

  3. Sony Vaio Logo:

    Sony is one of the top electronic products selling products. The main reason behind the company is at such top position is, they manufacture the best quality electronic products which satisfy their customers needs. The company's logo design is also one of the attractive things of their business. The word 'Vaio' in the design is written in very stylish and attractive manner. But very few people know the hidden meaning behind the Vaio's Graphic Design. The 'VA' in the design indicates the analog signals and 'IO' indicates the digital signals.

These were some of the best examples of Text Logo Design of business organization. These examples will help you can take into consideration for designing the logo design for your business organization. For any business organization, logo design acts as the face of the company.

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