03 Aug

Well, whenever you start a business you always encounter a question of how it will be recognized uniquely in the market. There are millions of other businesses already. Of course, the name of the brand is unique but the logo of the company is the identity and much more important.

Your logo is a visual representation of the brand and it has the power to attract the people. A well-designed logo can give your brand a unique identity and shine out from the competitors. 

Designing a logo isn’t easy, you need to consider a lot of aspects in mind. Even it’s not cheap as well however investment in logo design is never a wrong choice. So, let’s discuss some of the do’s and don’ts you need to take care while designing a logo.

Do’s of Logo Design

1. Make it Clear:

It’s really important to create a clear and legible business logo design. Still, it will be able to attract the audience towards your brand. Complexity doesn’t have to do with the attraction, it confuses your user. 

It must be clearly visible on the screen as well as on the paper. Therefore, in order to make your logo design appealing make sure it’s clear and legible.

2. Think About Brand Color

Colors are the most significant factor in logo design. It has the power to take your business logo design to the next level if it’s used wisely. There are plenty of colors available to choose but one which reflects the purpose of the brand and matches it is a perfect choice.

You can consider which color you have used in the website and in the business logo design both are making any sense or not.  You can take help from the logo design company, they have clear knowledge about it. For that, it must be your brand’s color so that viewers can identify easily. Before move further know all the hidden truth about the graphic design branding.

Don’ts of Logo Design

1. Use Raster Image

A perfect approach to design a logo is to use the vector image rather than the raster image. A vector image consists of mathematically precise points so that it can give the best visual impression. 

A raster image is also not a better option otherwise it may create problems while reproduction. Even a raster image will not be usable when you zoom it too much. Therefore due to that don’t use the raster image for your logo design. 

2. Pick The Wrong Font

It’s true that fonts are the most important part of the logo design and it must be unique and attractive. Don’t be in a hurry in finalizing the fonts for the logo. 

As the name of the brand is the primary thing that will be observed and need to be written very carefully. Make sure that it should not be complex otherwise it becomes difficult for the viewers. 

3. Copy from Existing

Your logo should be unique so that it can get attention among lots of others. You need to be creative, don’t just copy from someone else, and do little bit changes. 

There may be a lot of other companies from the same field and providing the same service and selling the product but still, you should not copy from it. Yes, before designing you can take some inspiration from it.

Wrapping up

Every brand must have its unique identity which helps to be highlighted among many other companies and for that having a logo is necessary. As it includes a lot of design elements you need to have thorough knowledge about it. The above-mentioned points will help you in that.